Welcome To MCMJIF

The Middlesex County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund, hereafter referred to as MCMJIF was granted permission to operate by the State of New Jersey effective August 6, 1986. It's original eight members consisted of the following municipalities located in Middlesex County; Highland Park, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, South Amboy, South Brunswick, Plainsboro, and Spotswood. As a result of a comprehensive feasibility study and sound actuarial projections, these local units decided that it was in their interests to join together to form a self insurance pool as permitted by legislation. In 1987 the MCMJIF decided to expand its territorial operation to include Monmouth, Somerset, and Union Counties. In 1994 the Fund again expanded to include any local unit in the State of New Jersey and currently includes 21 municipalities, 1 school board and 3 parking authorities.
These members, having achieved excellent loss histories both individually and collectively over the past years, understand that the primary method of reducing the cost of their risk is through the implementation of an effective safety and loss control program.

The secondary method of controlling cost is through an effectively administered claims adjustment program. As such, the MCMJIF provides its members with in house claims administration, and employs a staff with vast experience in handling claims against public entities and who is familiar with Title 59, the legislation granting immunity with exception to these entities. This team of adjusters will work closely with the Administrator in providing safety and loss control services.

Sound Risk Management practice dictates that the MCMJIF would retain as much of the risk as actuarially feasible. In accordance with regulations, the MCMJIF will retain the expected losses in each coverage category. In regard to Workers Compensation coverage, participants will have their assessment allocated according to the mandatory merit rating system on file with the Commissioner of Insurance as required by regulation N.J.A.C. 11:15-2.